This Woman Is Giving Us A Reminder Of Why It's Important To Say Thanks

Thanks, Mom!

It can take a lot of strength to say "thank you" to the people that have changed our lives the most. Writer Lexi Herrick did just that, and in a big way. 

American Greeting cards began a campaign called "Thank List." According to the site: 

The remedy for a rude world starts with reminding people to say two simple words: 'Thank You.' Multiplied by millions, this small act can manifest big change." The idea is to take the idea of a "bucket list" and turn it into something that will help everyone. 


Lexi Herrick is one of the five individuals featured on the "Thank List" site. Academy Award winner Barbara Kopple produced five documentaries, each featuring a person with someone they would like to say "thank you" to. 

Lexi is a contributor to Elite Daily who was diagnosed with an eating disorder at age 15. In the video, she recalls what it was like to struggle with her disorder. "To have something like that going on inside of me that was so dark and unaccepting made it harder to be who I was," she said.

Her "thank you" is dedicated to her mother, who Lexi credits with helping her overcome her illness. She recalls her mother saying, "You want to talk about the parts of you that are dark because that's what leads to the part of you that shine light on other people and on positivity."

Lexi used the lessons he mother taught her to help others in her article "35 Things That Every Girl Needs To Realize About Her Body Image." In the documentary she recalls the influx of thank you's she got after publishing the piece. "You have an opportunity to reach a mass audience," she said, reading some of the kind words she received. 

Lexi thanks her mom for her recovery and success, as well as her ability to help others. "I think my mother's patience, her constant support, and the love that she showed me when I was struggling to love myself was something that really got me through that time," Lexi said. 

Check out the full documentary below, and head to to make your own thank you video. 


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