She Spent 2 Weeks Pranking Her Dad With A Confetti Cannon, Capturing His Reactions On Camera

File this away for your next April Fool's Day ...

April Fool's Day might be more than a month away, but someone named Kylie Moy decided to get a jump on the celebration. For two weeks, she followed her dad around with a confetti cannon, letting it off when he least expected it.


Of course, what's a prank without video evidence of the unsuspecting victim's reaction? Moy didn't dare find out, so she filmed each and every one of her father's reaction, including, but not limited to, a few exclamations of "Son of a bitch!" 

"Everyone likes surprises, right?!" Moy wrote in her video's YouTube description. "... Least to say, he has developed a catchphrase!!" 

Moy's video has received more than 82,000 views in less than 24 hours since she posted the video on February 21. If her prank's instant popularity is any indication, you might want to be on the lookout for confetti cannons from now to April 1. 

Cover image via Shutterstock


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