7-Year-Old Takes The Reigns On Her Mom's Dating Profile, Complete With A Photoshoot

"All I want is a guy that makes you happy."

Making a dating profile can be fun or boring or frustrating. But you know what makes it hilarious? Watching your adorable 7-year-old make it for you. 

In a video for Glamour magazine, that's exactly what happened to Erica. Erica hasn't been in a relationship since her 7-year-old daughter, Rylee, was born. So, Rylee signed up to help her meet someone. 

"She might be able to have a boyfriend. We might have a third person in our family," Rylee said in the video. 

"I hope she keeps in mind that we're looking for someone who will love me and her," Erica said. "I think she would be the best person to make this dating profile." 

Rylee was definitely up for and excited by the opportunity. She got to work on OkCupid answering questions about what Erica is really good at (making her laugh, but bad at cooking), six things she could never do without (God, grandma, Rylee, her job, the chicken burger at Shake Shack, and a good soup place), how often she drinks (often), and much more. 


Then, Rylee directs and photographs a photoshoot for her mom's profile pictures. Together, they go through the photos and decide which ones are worthy of the profile. Finally, the pair review Rylee's answers and see whether she got it right. 

So, how well did the profile succeed in attracting potential suitors? 

You can find out in the video below, but it's worth watching just to see this pairs great mother-daughter relationship. 


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