This 17-Year-Old Delivered The Mother of All Promposals To The Most Important Person In Her Life

"She has done everything for me, and now that I’m old enough, I can give back."

On April 2, high school student Francesca Pfeiffer surprised her special someone with the mother of all promposals.

And who exactly was that special someone? Her mom, of course

The 17-year-old and her single mother, Caridad, share a relationship even the Gilmore girls might envy. "She adopted me when I was young and gave me everything," Pfeiffer told The Huffington Post. Even though Caridad is diabetic, "with almost no feeling in her fingers," she would do anything for her daughter. That includes packing up their entire house in three days and moving a state away when Francesca was accepted into a better high school.

Appreciating all the sacrifices her mother has made for her, Pfeiffer said, "Her happiness is my priority. She has done everything for me and now that I'm old enough, I can give back." 

To give back, Pfeiffer's giving her mother the prom she never had.


"She's always slightly sad about it," she told the publication. "She was treated horribly by teachers and peers in school; one time a boy was dared to ask her to a dance and ended up spitting and laughing in her face." 

To make up for that and make new, positive memories, Pfeiffer delivered a punny promposal to her "Disney obsessed mom" both will treasure forever.  

In a video posted to the Love What Matters Facebook page, Pfeiffer surprised her mother with a sign that read: "Since YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND IN ME, I'm GOING THE DISTANCE to take you UP on an ADVENTURE with me! I'll SHOW YOU THE WORLD and BE YOUR NEW DREAM; so since you are my OHANA, CAN I SAY SOMETHING CRAZY? Will you BE MY GUEST at prom?"

Of course, her mom said something even crazier, "Yes!" The dynamic duo will attend the prom together, as well as spend girls' days in Las Vegas and, of course, Disneyland. 


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