Little Girl Gives Her Dad The Ultimate Makeover For A Date Night With Mom

“I’m not sure about this.”

Whether you're dating, in a relationship, or married, you'll want to look your absolute best for a date night. When Jason Hakala realized he had to prepare for a special date with his wife, he recruited one of the best stylists in town — his little girl, Suvi. 

We can't get enough of dads who aren't afraid to get creative when spending quality time with their daughters, and this story is a real treat. In a new HiHo Kids video, Cut's kid-focused YouTube channel, Jason allows his daughter to give him a makeover, and by the end, he pretty much looks like a different person.  

Before figuring out her dad's outfit, Suvi first assessed the face situation. Because really, who goes on a date without having their makeup done?

"You have bags under your eyes," the beauty guru said to her dad before applying some purple eyeshadow.

"Should boys wear makeup, too?" Jason asked Suvi, to which she replied, "Sure, why not?" 

A true makeup artist who defies gender norms? Give Suvi all of the awards and praise now.


After completing his beauty look, Suvi then helped her dad accessorize with some cool sunglasses. They decided on some funky bright blue round sunnies. 

Next was hair and wardrobe. Suvi styled her dad with a bright red wig and a horse costume. But, like any professional stylist, she made some last minute changes and dressed him in a sensible button-down shirt and a pair of red pants (to match the hair, of course) instead.

"Mom will love it!" the little fashionista said when she saw her dad's final look. She finished off his ensemble with a bright orange hat and they took off for date night. 

As for mom's reaction to Jason's new look, well, you'll have to see for yourself. 


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