Daughter Discovers The Heartwarming Reason Why Her Dad Keeps Wearing An Old Shirt

"Why didn't he just buy a new one?"

Twitter user @922_riaru noticed that her father often wears the same, old green and yellow collared shirt. 

"When that polo shirt gets a hole in it, he carefully sews it back together," she told BuzzFeed. "He wears it for any special occasion, be it a work study event or a trip out with the family."

Most people tend to replace their tattered old clothes instead of fixing them, so she wondered why he chose to continue to wear and fix this one after having it for over 20 years. Recently, she found out he has a very, very good reason. 


As reported by Buzzfeed, she came across a photo album for her parents' honeymoon while going through her deceased grandfather's things. In the album, she found photos of her father wearing that very green and yellow polo shirt, back when it was much newer. Next to him is her mother, wearing a matching shirt in a different color. 

The reason soon became clear. Her mother passed away from cancer 18 years ago and this shirt represents the love they shared. Wearing it on special occasions and for family gatherings pays tribute to their life together. She may be gone, but he brings a piece of a special memory from their honeymoon together with him — and wears it on his body for all to see. Even if others don't know the symbolic reason for his fashion choice, he does and that's all that matters. 

"I never imagined that the polo shirt would contain such a special memory for him," his daughter told Buzzfeed. She tweeted photos of her father wearing the shirt more recently alongside the photos she discovered from their honeymoon. 

People on Twitter were floored by the sweet gesture. Her tweet, which was written in Japanese, has over 306,000 likes and more than 82,000 retweets. Many people replied by telling her what a great dad she has and shared that his story made them deeply emotional. 

"I always thought he was so 'uncool' for continuously wearing the same old polo shirt," his daughter told Buzzfeed. "But now I think that I have to look after memories too. I will never throw away anything important of my parents or grandparents."

(H/T: Buzzfeed)


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