We All Have Someone Who Introduced Us To Music We Love. For This Woman, It Was Her Dad.

"I was captivated by how much my dad liked this music."

This woman got to check one thing off her bucket list last week — and it was something close to both her and her father's hearts. Abby and her dad drove five hours to Pheonix to see Metallica perform together. 

In a post on Imgur, Abby revealed just how meaningful the concert was. "When I was a little girl, my dad would pick me up after school to take me to his house," she wrote. "I would sit in the back of his truck and I can vividly remember how every time this heavy guitar riff would come on the radio my dad would turn it all the way up and beat the hell out of his steering wheel 'playing the drums.' I was captivated by how much my dad liked this music (I wanted to be just like him and liked whatever he liked) and how awesome this music sounded." 


"I told him that I liked that song and he brought me to the attic of our house to show me his album collection," she continued. "He showed me these CDs that he had... He told me that the band that I was fascinated with was called 'Metallica.' Dad would pop the discs in the CD player in his truck and would play them when we would drive around Cleveland. I was completely hooked. I was my dad's metal headed mini me." 

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It's been many years since she first bonded with her dad over Metallica, but the pair finally got to see them live together after Abby decided to buy him VIP tickets for his 51st birthday. 

"Can't describe how much it meant to me to be there with him," she wrote. "We had a killer time. When they played nothing else matters I boohoo cried lol, that's my song for my dad." 

In just one day, Abby's post has been viewed nearly 280,000 times and has more than 450 comments. Many users shared that they're happy to see a father and daughter bond by taking an interest in a loved one's passions. 

"Such a great gift for your Dad. Nice job. He'll remember that adventure forever," one commenter wrote

"As a grown woman who has a very strained relationship with her father, this post made me so happy. I'm grinning ear to ear," another commenter wrote

"You did things right as a parent when your kids want to hang out with you when they don't have to. Not a Metallica fan but love this post!" another wrote

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This father and daughter's sweet experience is a nice reminder of how music brings people to together and can help people make memories that last a lifetime. This dad shared his songs from his "favorite band of all time" with his young daughter and, even though metal music isn't traditionally thought of as "kid-friendly," the pair ended up discovering a new way to bond. 

Whether it's music or another hobby, we could all benefit in learning more about our loved one's passions and taking an interest in them ourselves. 


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