13 Shocking Dating Tips From 1938 That Are Laughable, But Should Be Banned

You can't unsee these.

While our society still has ways to go to end sexism, an article from Click Photo-Parade magazine on dating shows just how bad it was for women in 1938. Sexist ads have been published before, and these photos are no exception. Although some of these images seem humorous, the dating tips are demeaning and disrespectful to women.

Here are 13 sexist dating tips from 1938 that will make you glad that you weren't around in that decade:


1. It's always OK to cry.

2. Safety concerns aside, this is still ridiculous.

3. You can sit anyway you like.

4. This seems controlling.

5. By using the word "girls" instead of women, it's a subtle form of sexism.

6. Nothing wrong with dancing while talking.

7. You can dress however you want to.

8. This doesn't even make sense.

9. Both men and women should respect each other equally.

10. A mutual conversation is how relationships are built, not this.

11. Drinking too much is never good for anyone — both men and women.

12. How sexist are these photos?

13. And this one is just insane.


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