Eye-Opening Video Shows The Hilarious Misunderstandings In Cross-Cultural Love

"He eats rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I swear."

Dating Beyond Borders has created another great video that offers a revealing look behind some of the hilarious misunderstandings that can occur in cross-cultural relationships. 

What makes the video work, however, isn't just that it gives a glimpse of the misunderstandings between people because of cultural differences, it's that the couples in the video are refreshingly honest about some of their vulnerabilities.


In one memorable sequence, Chanelle, who has roots in Guyana and Trinidad, talks about her boyfriend Andrei, who has origins in the Philippines.

Discussing how she sometimes sees that Andrei has been looking at pictures of girls of other races, she talks about wondering if she's "enough" for him. She approaches it with a playful enough tone, but it's one of those things that everyone in a relationship sometimes wonders: "Am I good enough?"

The rest of the video covers everything from food to footwear to parents ... and finishes with some advice that everyone can learn from.

Check out the entire video right here:


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