A Man Gave Her 'Full-Disclosure' On A Dating App. She Turned It Into A Powerful Lesson In Acceptance.

"I immediately thought he’s married & this is a waste of my time. The next few messages he sent 💔."

Dating apps often get a bad rep for encouraging people to judge potential romantic partners on superficial criteria, like a few pictures and a one-line bio. 

While many do make split-second decisions based solely on physical appearance, one Twitter user, @CocktailAmma, used the social media platform to draw attention to a story of how a seemingly surface-level encounter with a man on a dating app led her to an unexpectedly meaningful connection. 


According to her Twitter thread posted on March 21, @CocktailAmma matched and started messaging "a lovely looking man" on a dating app. After hitting it off, they decided to exchange phone numbers. "Before doing that, he wanted to give me a full disclosure," the woman wrote. "I immediately thought he's married & this is a waste of my time. The next few messages he sent 💔." 

He explained to her that in 2007-08, he was badly injured in "a severe car accident." Left with shattered bones and punctured lungs, doctors told him that he'd never be able to walk again. Nevertheless, he started walking in three months.

"While he was telling me all this, I did not understand what was he getting at. All of this did not seem like a problem to me," @CocktailAmma continued. "Then he said he has a limp. And he would understand if I didn't want to pursue this. A limp is what it takes apparently!" 

Not for her. She was so inspired by the story of "this lovely man" that his limp didn't matter — everything else about him did. 

"He is devoted to his family & friends. He is opinionated and respectful. But we have managed to make him conscious of what he is 'lacking'," @CocktailAmma noted. "How do I know all of this? Because I met him & we spoke till late into the night. And now I'm late for work. Have a nice day!" 

Since posting the tweets early on March 21, @CocktailAmma has received hundreds of retweets and positive responses to her story, which she then passed on to her new love interest. 

And of course, a question or two came up about when the second date would be. "Hahahaha! End of this week most likely," she responded. "He lives close to my place, for all we know we may meet sooner depending on our schedule." 

It looks like the sooner the better for these two...

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