Best Daughter Ever Starts Hashtag Trend To Help Her Mother Score A Date

She gives plenty of reasons.

Meet Kate Hoit. She's an Iraq War veteran who wants you to date her mom, Diane. 

Last week, she tweeted that she wanted to get her mom a date in Albany, N.Y., and (with her mother's permission) came up with a clever hashtag to get the word out: #DateDiane. 

Per the Times Union, Katie's father has had Alzheimer's for a while and oftentimes doesn't recognize her mother anymore. Though the two are still married, Kate says her mom (who is more of a caretaker than a wife) has been lonely for a long time and needed more to do than just work. So she set out to find a companion for her. Or someone for her to go dancing with. 

"It would be nice to have ... I refer to it as a hockey buddy, not attached to my hip and nobody's going to get their mail at my house," she told Times Union. "Nothing heavy duty. I can't. I'm not interested."

Kate started out with a few intro tweets. 


Then launched into post after post detailing why her mother makes a great date.

From her great parenting skills.

To her musical and TV show preferences.

Almost a week later, Diane has yet to score a date, but the Internet is catching on. 

It's only a matter of time until Diane is named the next Bachelorette. What say you, ABC?

(H/T: Cosmopolitan)


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