What A Man's Heartbeat Looks Like During A Marriage Proposal

Science meets love.

Asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you (otherwise known as a marriage proposal) is a wonderful moment, but it's also an incredibly nerve-wracking one, too.

After all, this is a moment the two of you will (hopefully) remember for the rest of your lives, if she/he says "yes" that is. So it's no wonder that some guys' hearts may beat out of their chest or that they may nervously fumble their words in the moment leading up to the big question. 

But how fast is a person's heart beating during a proposal? And what's the most nervous moment for them?

Six months ago, Reddit user sesipikai decided to hook himself up to a heart monitor and record his heart rate while proposing to find out. 

It was a cool graph to see, but "GOOD" magazine decided to take sesipikai's work to another level with a "live-action" version of his heart rate chart.

"In our new data visualization, we present the data from a Reddit user who wore a heart rate monitor when building up the courage to propose to his girlfriend," "GOOD" wrote in the video description.


'We follow 40 minutes of his heart beat, shortened down to 90 seconds, as he gets ready to pop the question.'

The video not only shows the heart rate rise and fall in real time, and the beats per minute (bpm), but also recreates a heart x-ray beating along with the scanner as well. 

At the man's most nervous point — the actual moment he pops the question — his heart rate shoots up to 127 bpm.

It then starts to come down when she finally responds and slowly declines to an average rate when the two find a bench to sit at. 

Luckily for him, she said yes.

Check out the full video below:


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