Dashcam Video Captures Police Officer's Wonderfully Hands-On Approach To Policing

We need more police videos like this.

It starts like so many videos we've seen before, but this one may not make the six o'clock news.

After receiving a noise complaint about teens playing basketball in the street, Officer Bobby White of the Gainesville, Florida Police Department headed to the scene. But as captured by the camera on his dashboard, instead of simply yelling at the kids for playing, he decided to take a more productive approach.

"Can you believe somebody called to complain about kids playing basketball in the street? Can you believe that?" White asked one of the teens. "Obviously, I ain't got no problem with it."

The teen offered him the ball, and he took a shot. Slowly, a larger group gathered to join in on the game.

"If you call GPD to complain about kids being kids, this is how Ofc. White is going to handle it," the police department told NBC News. "We're going to let kids be kids."

The video is a good reminder about all the similar work police officers are doing in communities across the country. As White's story goes viral, we hope that more cops and community leaders are inspired by his approach.



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