Dascha Polanco Is Set To Change The Size-ism Issue In The Fashion Industry

"I want to break that barrier."

The fashion industry has made real progress in becoming more inclusive thanks to models promoting their positive messages and campaigns that celebrate people of all different walks of life. That said, there there's still much work to be done. 

Contributing to the conversation is Orange is the New Black actress Dascha Polanco. In an interview with Vogue, Polanco opened up about a high-end designer who refused to dress her because of her size.

"I had a situation with a high-end brand the other day where I had personally invested so much money purchasing their items, and I love what they do, so I had my publicist reach out to their PR team," Polanco told the magazine. "Their response was, 'Oh, you're not the sizes we have, not right now, maybe in the future.' "


Polanco is helping to break through the size-ism issue in the fashion world by proving you can still be a fashionista regardless of body type.

As for the designer who refused to dress her, Polanco says she isn't going to waste her time on them. Instead, she is focusing on people who want to celebrate her and her body.

Polanco is even looking into launching her own line that would be inclusive for all women. She told the magazine, "I want to design something that's between plus and between sample sizes — a brand that eventually would market to everyone, to all women, period."

She added, "I think that Hollywood-wise, people that have influence have to start making the change and speaking up. This year I've been doing a lot of work behind the scenes, as far as fashion goes, just meeting with people, collaborating and brainstorming, because fashion is something I will invest my time in."

It's important that you love your body for what it is. Polanco shows us that it is just as important that you find brands who celebrate your shape just as much. She also reminds all of us, including the fashion designers out there, that style isn't dependent on what size you are.

(H/T: Huffington Post)


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