This Woman Had The Best Reason For Wanting Actor Terry Crews’ Picture On Her Debit Card

“I approve.”

Los Angeles creative director Darrel Kennedy just wanted to save money by putting a stern-looking Terry Crews on her Wells Fargo debit card. Her plan was nearly foiled, however, when Wells Fargo put the kibosh on the idea … and the real Terry Crews had to step in to save the day.

By the way, Kennedy is a TV star, though perhaps not on the same level as the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star. She won the TLC business reality competition Girl Starter. "It's not just about money and status, it's also about captivating culture through building an innovative and diverse platform," she says in her bio for the show.


Well, consider us duly captivated!

"Ordering a new debit card," Kennedy tweeted on October 30, alongside a screenshot of her design: an image of Crews' character from the CW sitcom Everybody Hates Chris. That character, Julius Rock, was a consummate cheapskate, and Kennedy joked that the image would dissuade her from frivolous spending. (Crews has the same image in his wallet for the same reason, as it turns out.)

Four days later, however, heartbreak. Wells Fargo rejected the design because it needed Crews' written approval, as Kennedy told Twitter followers. "Can y'all RT or tag him so a girl can save some [money?]" she asked.

Only 54 minutes later, Crews responded. "I approve," he tweeted. "Signed, Terry Crews." Both her outreach and his response have gotten more than 60,000 retweets apiece.

"Y'all, I'm dead," Kennedy said. "Wells Fargo about to be so shook."

That evening, Kennedy gave concerned followers an update: "They've expedited the case and are sending it to @WellsFargo HQ to get it approved. Should have it in my hands in the next two weeks." Thank goodness!

Now other Twitter users want in, such as Christy Adley, who asks if Crews could just issue a blanket statement of approval to all fans who want Julius glaring at them from their debit cards.

Meanwhile, we're just wondering what other famously disapproving faces we'd choose to put on our credit cards. Suze Orman? Professor McGonagall? The woman from The Weakest Link? Hey, whatever does the trick!

(H/T: deMilked)

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