He Didn't Know What Was In This Safe — But When He Found Out He Called The Cops

This is as creepy as it gets.

More often than not, safes people find in old homes are usually left there for a reason: because there is nothing inside.

But in the case of a recent Imgur post, where a self-described "reformed thief" bought a safe off Craigslist for $100, there was something inside. But it was something he would have rather not found. 


It all started with a Craigslist ad.

"It was left in a house where the tenant had been arrested, so the landlord was left with all the shit in the house to get rid of. he had the safe listed for $100, or I could crack it on the spot and we would split the profits 50/50."

He decided to buy the safe for $100 and hope there was more money inside.

"The keypad turns and comes right out, inside is a 6v power source, and a hole leading inside the safe."

With an understanding of the wiring and voltage, he managed to pop the safe right open.

And that's when it got weird...

Inside was a grenade, journal, necklace, bracelet, a magazine of .40 hollow point pistol rounds with a few loose shots, a hard drive, a gift card, and several SD cards.

"I'm glad I didn't just hit the safe with an acetylene torch, that grenade would have killed me."

But the worst was yet to come.

On these SD cards was child pornography. According to oldswagon, who posted the photos, the journal was even worse. We're glad the tenant who owned this safe had already been arrested, but also glad the guy who cracked it turned all this evidence into the authorities. 

Hopefully, whoever put this stuff together will get the punishment they deserve. 


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