Delivery Room Photos Capture The Exact Moment A Mom Learns She's Actually Had A Boy

A boy hadn't been born to her mom's side in more than 50 years.

When mom Dara Crouch was pregnant with her second child, she knew she'd want a photographer in her delivery room to document the miracle of life. What she didn't anticipate was that her birth photos would also capture her astounded reaction after learning the sex of her boy. 


Courtesy of Ker-Fox Photography 

Crouch, who works as a labor and delivery ( L&D) nurse, previously had a daughter, and was convinced she was going to have another girl. "I was really attached to my daughter's clothes,  and knew I could reuse them," She told HuffPost. "I just always saw us with girls. Having a boy never really crossed my mind. I think that's why I was so shocked!"

While she does have a few male cousins, Crouch's family is predominantly female

Courtesy of Ker-Fox Photography 

Her son is the first boy born to her mom's side in over 50 years.

Courtesy of Ker-Fox Photography 

Neely Ker-Fox of Ker-Fox Photography captured the mom-of-two's floored reaction, and told A Plus what the experience was like. 

"Admittedly, I love shooting births when the gender is unknown. Every mother is filled with anticipation to meet their baby, no matter what, but the parents who don't know and wait until the moment of birth, there's really nothing else like it," she said. "That's when you get moments like this captured. Dara very much thought she was having a girl, as they had not had a boy on her side of the family in over 50 years. Her husband thought otherwise, and felt they were having a boy."

Ker-Fox said the moment in the delivery was especially emotional given that Crouch was surrounded by colleagues and family, "Both of the attending midwives were close friends and colleagues of Dara's, as well as her best friend and fellow L&D nurse."

"So, when the midwife announced 'It's a BOY!', the whole room, myself included, erupted into tears of joy."

Courtesy of Ker-Fox Photography 

Ker-Fox adds that she knew right away that she captured the shot of Crouch's priceless reaction. "I immediately knew it was an amazing shot the moment I took it. But birth, the moments leading up to it and just after, go so quickly. Things are very fluid. It wasn't until a few minutes later that, as the room quieted down, I was able to show everyone the back of the camera to see the shot."

Courtesy of Ker-Fox Photography 

"I knew it was amazing, but given the emotional delicacies of birth, I wasn't sure she would be OK with me sharing that moment publicly" Ker-Fox said. "That's the hard thing about birth photography. You capture these epic moments, but if a client wants to keep them private, we honor that. I have many moments like this that will never see the light of day. Although, NONE as amazing as this one, so I'm quite grateful to Dara for allowing the world to see this moment."

Crouch's delivery room photos are now going viral thanks to her emotional reaction.

Courtesy of Ker-Fox Photography 

Ker-Fox says she hopes the series will show people how powerful birth photography can be, and why the work of birth photographers is so important. 

Courtesy of Ker-Fox Photography 

"We share images that help empower women, and normalize birth for the public, our images bring healing to hurt hearts, they give hope, and they will one day show this generation just how loved they were the moment they entered this world."

"But our jobs are also complicated," Ker-Fox says. "I've learned to never get comfortable in a medical setting, predictable can turn unpredictable in fraction of a second. I've learned that building relationships with hospitals and staff takes years, it takes respect, it takes trust to get the photos I get. I wouldn't be able to do this job, and capture these moments for families if I didn't have the trust of the care providers. So, while birth photography may be an amazingly rewarding field of photography, it behooves all of us, veterans and newcomers, to be good stewards of the industry, stay humble and keep seeking the respect of the providers." 

Courtesy of Ker-Fox Photography 

(H/T: HuffPost)


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