'Minority Report'-Like Technology Is Here, And It'll Make Life Way Easier, And Cooler

Blending technology and beauty.

Remember that scene in Minority Report when Tom Cruise waves his hands at a pane of glass, and it suddenly transforms into a computer with a digital display? Well now devices with gesture-based user interfaces are becoming a reality thanks to a new startup on the horizon. 

The startup, launched by KC Beard and Max Randall, is called Daptly, and it aims to make your life easier with a simple mirror and a picture frame. 


While these objects may appear normal at first glance, they are far from being everyday mirrors and picture frames.

With a wave of the hand, the displays on the objects — which have facial recognition technology — will reveal a user interface specific to the person in front of it, showing that user's specific wants, interests and needs, making it a perfect digital home or office assistant. 

The Mirror functions like a typical bedroom mirror, but it also has a custom coating, enabling it to provide a crystal clear display of your messages. On the screen, you can watch videos,  listen to music, see the latest news, your calendar and appointments, the weather, and more. 

Courtesy of Daptly 

The Picture Frame allows you to upload your own photos or GIFs, or choose from existing ones. With a selection of over 50,000 free images, you'll never be bored with your photos.

Courtesy of Daptly 

All of Daptly's technology is controlled by voice commands or gestures for optimal use, and each product has Amazon Alexa built in.  

"Voice interaction becomes much easier when you have a display that can clearly communicate what commands are available for certain tasks," the Daptly founders told A Plus via email. "So it takes away the necessity to remember the exact commands you can use."

What's more, you can integrate Daptly with other home devices, including Cam, SmartThings, and Wemo. This enables users to control things such as lights, music, alarms, and heating in the house, even when you're not home.

"We’ve found that people who use our product really enjoy the new experiences it creates. Simple things like your wake up routine become much more enjoyable. Instead of just an alarm, it becomes thirty minutes of gradually brightening lights in your room while your favorite news outlet begins to play alongside your traffic and calendar updates."

The founders say they are excited about the different applications and experiences their gesture-based user technology can enable in the future. 

And while Daptly is currently offering The Mirror and The Photo Frame for reserve, the brand has some more exciting things planned, "In the coming months we'll be working hard on scaling our product development efforts and shipping our first units to our early backers," they revealed. "Our ultimate goal is to grow into a machine learning/AI platform for the home. "We already have a list of developers who have contacted us with ideas they'd like to build into our platform, and we're planning on announcing more details surrounding our developer's program soon."


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