These Dapper Chicks Are Taking Over NYC By Storm — And We Can't Get Enough

Menswear has never looked so good.

Meet The Dapper Chicks of New York, seven unapologetically dashing women who are winning hearts everywhere with their killer style.


Founded By Ariam "Sara" Geffrard, The Dapper Chicks set themselves apart from other style mavens with their sharp bowties, pocket squares and loafers.

It all started when Geffrard, a popular blogger in her own right, became the target of cyberbullying.

"It took such a tremendous toll on my life that I wanted to give up the blog," Geffrard told A Plus in an email. "I actually feared for my life. Instead of tearing each other down, I believed that we would be coming together to elevate our community, specially because what we're doing isn't considered the norm and a lot of people reject it. Alas, that was not the case."

So Geffrard decided that she had to prove to herself that "a collective was much more powerful than a single entity," and at the same time bring to light issues close to her heart. She reached out to other women whose similar fashion sense she admired: Ali Medina, Bo MekavibulDanielle CooperLaura Kanaplue, Wen Liu and Nicole Johnson.

"From that pain," she told A Plus, "The Dapper Chicks of New York rose."

Fashion may be their main focus, but the group also champions important causes.

Their particular brand of fashion complements their efforts at highlighting issues important to them. 

"We're all women, we all love dressing in menswear and we just happen to be gay," Geffrard noted. "I don't want people to think that we dress this way because we're gay. ... As a gay woman who dresses in menswear, I'm more prone to being rebuffed and vilified, which has happened. However, when the response is the complete of opposite of that, when it's with care and love, now that's something."

Ultimately, The Dapper Chicks want to inspire women who feel underrepresented in the community to stand up for themselves.

Unfortunately, there are still many people stubborn on their ideas about gender-based outfits. 

"I think people automatically assume that we're trying to be men, and according to society and certain beliefs, to each gender their own clothes" she told A Plus. "I also find that people are more receptive of women who are wearing men's clothes in a more feminine way, which I think is because lately, designers and celebrities have been promoting that look."

Because as these dapper chicks prove, there's nothing quite as charming as a woman rocking menswear.

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Cover image via Debbie of DAG iMages


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