This New Ad Highlights A Job Men Can Have That's 'Tougher Than Tough'

"This guy — no, this warrior — will always be by his father’s side."

A new ad from AARP tears down a stereotype that male caregivers can't be tough and masculine.

Danny Trejo, star of films such as Machete and From Dusk Till Dawn, is the face of the ad. Trejo plays up a masculine and macho front by picking up heavy cars and not being fazed by fire on his arm, and narrates a story about a man who is his complete opposite taking care of his older father.

"This guy — no, this warrior — will always be by his father's side. Even if his dad will hardly remember," he says in the video.

Caregivers and the future of caregiving have been in the spotlight lately, but a new study from AARP's Public Policy Institute found that 40 percent of men are family caregivers. They're also more likely to balance the task with long hours at a paid job, which has led to 15 percent of men reporting that they had to take a leave of absence from work to focus on full-time caregiving.

Being the star of the ad is close to Trejo's heart. In a behind-the-scenes video with the actor, he talks about the time he helped take care of a friend with cancer and how he would've done the same for his father if he hadn't passed away in an accident.

"When you think of just one person, like somebody's son, taking care of their dad, that's kind of like when God sends angels on Earth," Trejo says. "The dedication, the absolute love that's generated … I wish I could've [taken] care of my dad."


Watch the full ad below:

(H/T: Adweek)


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