'What Women Want!' Photo Series Illustrates Why The Little Things Matter

"Appreciating the small gestures that we can do for each other is such a beautiful thing!"

So often we see perfect, manicured images of families on social media. But most any parent will tell you such photos are far from what everyday life is really like. Danielle Guenther is a mother and photographer who likes to represent those "real" moments shared with family that aren't often portrayed. 

Her series Best Case Scenario, Love Your Spouse, and What the BUMP?! are a few examples, but her latest series What Women Want! is a great look into the reality of what moms want the most. On her website, Guenther stated that over the last several months, she has been asking women, "What do you really want?" 

As it turns out, most moms have the simplest requests.


"As we age in life, it can be easy to lose sight of the important things ... but I love how this series brings it back to the basics," Guenther told A Plus.

The resulting series features men doing various little acts around the house, captured in a humorous light. For example, "I'm Gonna be Late Tonight ..." shows a husband scrubbing the toilet while his wife looks on. 

"Heavy on the Errands" shows a dutiful partner, portrayed by the photographer's brother, going out to get tampons for his wife — a scene inspired by her teenage years when her father ran out in the middle of the night to save the day. Guenther said, "What a man, buying Tampons! Haha! I'll never forget that small act of kindness. Again, the small things.

 "Appreciating the small gestures that we can do for each other is such a beautiful thing!"

The series has recently started to go viral after Guenther shared the photos on Facebook, and even though it's centered on women, Guenther told A Plus men are enjoying it plenty, too. 

"A lot of men have actually been giving me ideas through the process. They've even agreed that it's true!" she said. 

Guenther notes this is an ongoing series and is looking for more volunteers to feature as subjects.

"Life is beautiful, crazy, and can be all too complicated, but if we just focus on the simple things ... it's pretty amazing."

(H/T: Scary Mommy)


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