Part Of His Proposal Was Falling Apart, And Then A Best Buy Employee Saved Everything

You just never know.

Sometimes, kindness can come from the most unexpected places.

For Adam Kessler, that place was a Best Buy in Rochester, New York. Kessler had been working on a master plan to propose to his then-girlfriend Hannah, and he had it all mapped out: bring together his girlfriend's family and best friends, take her to the place her parents got engaged, get on one knee and make the woman he loved his wife. 


But he was missing one important element to tie it all together: a way to document the beautiful occasion. As a self-described "broke law student," Kessler knew he couldn't cough up the money for a videographer, so he decided he might invest in his own camera. 

"We were just driving by, and I was like, 'I really can't afford this videographer for $600, we should run into Best Buy and see if we can just buy a camera instead,'" Kessler told A+. "When I told the salesperson at the cameras about the idea, she thought it was so sweet that she offered to video the whole thing for free! She insisted we let her help. So we did."

That salesperson was named Danielle Nazzaro, and Kessler had little to no idea about the kind, generous heart that he had just encountered.

"When they came in, I instantly had this feeling that something was up with these people," the 21-year-old Nazzaro told A+. "Everybody was a little nervous, like something important was happening."

Her intuition was right, something important was happening. Kessler's complex proposal, one that would involve blindfolds, hours of moving around, and flying in people from all over the country, was missing its final piece. 

"He wanted to try doing a GoPro or a videographer was going to charge him an arm and a leg and that didn't make sense," she said. "Initially, I told him I had a friend that did videos, but I called him and he wasn't available... So I was like, 'you know what? I'll do it.'"

As it turned out, Nazzaro had actually taken some photography and video classes, and even offered to edit. She also had her day off on the same day that Kessler was planning the proposal. Suddenly, the chance encounter seemed more than serendipitous. 

"It was so generous, such a selfless offer — we would have no footage without her," Kessler said. "It blew me away."

When it was all said and done, Nazzaro spent more than four hours following a blindfolded Hannah around Rochester while she was brought to friend after friend, location after location, until finally landing in front of Kessler, in the very park where her parents were engaged. Hannah's realization that Nazzaro was a Best Buy employee doesn't come until the last moment of the video, and it just about sums up our shock when we heard the story for the first time.

And thanks to Danielle Nazzaro, it's all captured on film. 

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