Daniel Tosh Just Bet $25,000 On Football And This Is What He's Doing With The Winnings

Let it ride!

Daniel Tosh made a big bet this past week.


The New England Patriots were playing the Miami Dolphins on Thursday night, and Tosh decided to put some money on the game.

But it wasn't so he could pocket the winnings himself. 

His friend and comedian, Andy Ritchie is currently battling a brain tumor and needs help paying for his medical bills.

The bet was for $25,000.

In order to win the double or nothing bet, according to RollingStone.com, the New England Patriots simply had to cover the 3.5 point spread by halftime.

Since the Patriots are currently the best team in the NFL and the Dolphins just fired their head coach a few weeks ago, it was a pretty sure bet.

As it turned out, the Patriots easily covered the spread, going up 19-0 by halftime. Tosh took to Twitter to celebrate the big win.

On top of the money he made from gambling, Tosh has also helped Andy raise $48,000 on his GoFundMe page.

So, if you like, you can help Andy as well by donating here.

Way to go, Tosh! 

You can watch the full segment on Tosh.O here.


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