You Won't Believe How Many People In Old Pictures Look Exactly Like Daniel Radcliffe

Jimmy Fallon couldn't help but compare them.

You may already know that Johnny Depp once looked exactly like Justin Bieber, but have you seen all the doppelgängers Daniel Radcliffe has had throughout the years? And we really do mean throughout the years, as Jimmy Fallon proved on last night's Tonight Show.

Jimmy explains that Reddit users have posted old pictures of people who look exactly like the Harry Potter star, from soldiers to smiling young women. It doesn't hurt that so many of them are wearing round glasses like Daniel's most famous character. As far as we can tell, however, none of them have lightning bolt scars on their foreheads.

One of the most spot-on submissions is, strangely enough, a portrait of an old lady. "That one I haven't seen!" Daniel exclaims when Jimmy pulls it out. "What is it about me that I look like so many stern old ladies?"


There's one look-alike in particular that Jimmy really wants to see Daniel recreate, so he provides him with the proper costume and black-and-white filter to do it. Maybe this will give Daniel some inspiration for his next hairstyle.

What do you think the explanation is? Immortality? Reincarnation? Really weird time travel? Whatever the reason, these photos are sure to give you a laugh.

See all the uncanny resemblances below:


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