The Man Behind 'New F*cking York' Explains How He Got Here

From crashing on a couch to handing hats to Obama.

Growing up in a small village in Germany, Daniel Kirch had never really heard of Louis Vuitton or Gucci. That was until he moved away from his hometown five years ago.

Daniel, also known as Daniel Jonas, pursued academia at WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Germany, one of the top schools in Europe. All of his friends landed in investment banking, consulting or at a tech company, which makes where he's sitting now even less likely: at the front row of New York Fashion Week.  

The 25-year-old is the man behind the "New F*cking York" clothing line, whose brand you may have seen imitated in a city near you. 


Now that Daniel has gotten his foot in the door, he has to decide what to do with it.

"You have two ways to go," he told A Plus. "You put it on everything: hats, phone cases, shirts, or you have a Ralph Lauren type logo that when you see it on a shirt it stands for quality."

Daniel's stroke of luck came after offering a stranger some untouched food in a restaurant, and that same stranger invited him to a Super Bowl after party where Daniel's hat was well-received by some big name guests. Now cities all over the world want their own Daniel Jonas gear. 

Daniel at NYFW:

Daniel ended up coming to America after looking at the rankings for colleges and seeing University of Florida near the top of a few lists.

"I had always wanted to go to America even though I had never been," Daniel said. "That's why I chose the school I went to [in Germany], because it had a lot of study abroad opportunities." 

But Daniel's "aha" moment came in two separate instances: one, when he was doing interviews on the red carpet and saw traffic to his website explode. Then, when he got the chance to meet President Obama. 

Daniel is happy to let loose a bit and enjoy the view.

Daniel had been invited to an event with the President in attendance when he realized he needed to be prepared with a gift. He called in someone who worked at the factory and had them run there first thing in the morning to make a custom, G-rated Barack "Freaking" Obama hat. 

When he got his chance to approach Obama, he reached into his jacket pocket to pull out the hat but was stopped by the Secret Service.

"You can't make that movement around the President," he said with a laugh. 

After slowly taking out the hat and handing it to the President's bodyguard, Daniel had him deliver the hat to Obama backstage. Apparently, he had a good laugh. 

"I just hope at some point when he is done with being President he wears the hat," Daniel said. "That would be the best day of my life."

Obama isn't the only household name who appreciates the hat, either...

If you're interested in getting some gear, you can go check out the Daniel Jonas website.

Cover photo: @quistyle by Mangue Banzima


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