Creative Journalist Finds A Perfect Way To Keep His Childhood Tradition Alive

Cool (toy) story, bro.

Anyone who's ever thought toys are only for kids will be proven wrong by Daniel Cerejo's creative Instagram photos.


Cerejo, a 25-year-old journalist from Portugal, has found a brilliant way to bring his childhood memories back to life with the help of his action figure collection.

"Ever since I was a kid, me and my older brother always had action figures around us. We used to play with them and even create background stories," Cerejo told A+.

To carry on with this tradition, Cerejo decided to use his figurines as subjects in a whimsical photo series "A Day in the Life Of..."

Cerejo's action figures participate in mundane situations, suggesting that even the enemy-fighting superheroes need to iron their capes once in a while.

Cerejo doesn't deny he was heavily influenced by pop culture and movies, such as "Toy Story."

"Whenever I saw those toys come to life, I was amazed. Instagramming them is the closest thing I can do," he told A+.

Cerejo says the scenarios are pretty much based on every action figure's personality and how he imagines them in a particular context.

Like every proud collector, Cerejo says he doesn't really have a favorite action figure but admits that there's a special place in his heart for Batman.

Cerejo says the next addition to his collection will be Chewbacca. We already feel excited to see what Chewie's up to in real life.

To stay in the loop with Daniel Cerejo and his adorable toy stories, follow him on Instagram.

(H/T: My Modern Met)

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