One Slam Poet Confronts His Eating Disorder And Exposes An Issue Affecting Millions Of Men

“Someone has to tell those 10 million that their lives matter.”

slam poet identified only as Daniel has written a letter to his disorder — the same disorder that will affect 10 million men in the United States at some point in their lifetime, according to National Eating Disorders Association. In a piece titled "A Letter to My Eating Disorder," he speaks openly and honestly about living with an unspecified eating disorder.


"Remember that you are one of those 10 million," Daniel says in his performance of the poem from last year's Rustbelt Poetry Festival, which was published on YouTube by Button Poetry. "And I know that you stopped counting numbers months ago, but someone has to tell those 10 million that their lives matter. Their bodies matter, their bodies matter, their bodies matter."

Having committed to well-being, Daniel says that nothing is more important to him than his health. "Your brokenness is not the conductor of your orchestra," he tells himself in the poem. "Maybe you could stop making everything about this body an apology. Because darling, what has your body done to merit this kind of abuse?"

Watch Daniel's full performance below:

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