This Man Was Bullied For Dancing, So 2000 Women In LA Decided To Throw A Dance Party Just For Him

That's how you fight bullying.

When Cassandra Fairbanks spotted this photo online with an offensive caption bullying a man, she decided to show the world how this really needs to be handled.


Two images that were circulating around the web pictured a man dancing cheerfully and then, only a couple moments later, standing still with his head down. The caption reads "Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing."

After seeing the image online, Cassandra Fairbanks, a writer at The Free Thought Project, decided not to let bullies win the day.

Along with a group of young women, she set out to find the dancing man and throw a dance party just for him in Los Angeles.

"Dancing Man, we don't know much about you, but a photo on the Internet suggested that you wanted to dance and were made to feel like you shouldn't be," says an official invitation to the party that Cassandra shared on Twitter.

"We want to see you dance freely and if you would have us, we would love to dance with you," it further reads.

Now, a dance party with almost 2000 women in LA does sound pretty fantastic.

After Cassandra started the hashtag #FindDancingMan, the dancing man himself soon reached out to her on Twitter to respond to her invitation.

The Dancing Man turned out to be named Sean and live in London. He created a Twitter handle DancingManFound just to contact Cassandra.

But this was not the end to all of it.

Inspired by how Cassandra stood up to bullying, a whole bunch of people offered their services for the party, including Moby, Pharrell Williams and DJ Ashba, the lead guitarist of Guns N' Roses.

Now that's something we all can learn from.

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(H/T: Mashable, Daily Mail)


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