9 Times Police Officers Around The World Danced Like No One Was Watching

These cops have moves.

You might find it hard to imagine police officers letting loose in uniform, but there are plenty of videos of dancing cops on the internet to prove you wrong. Whether they're on duty or goofing around at the station, officers around the world have been caught on film busting a move and making people smile.

Not only do many of these cops have serious talent, but their choice to have a little fun with civilians is a great way to build trust and understanding with the communities they serve. Plus, they're pretty delightful to watch.


1. Ontario

It's not every day that a 911 call ends with the responding cop participating in a dance off, but that's exactly what happened in Ontario, Canada, last year. Const. Jarrod Singh responded to reports of a fight only to discover that it was just the University of Ontario Institute of Technology dance team filming a video. So Singh, a former member of Durham College's dance troupe, showed off his moves in a battle with one of the dancers. On Instagram, he encouraged those who enjoyed the video to "keep being positive."

2. Houston

Guests at a Houston quinceañera earlier this year were treated to the sweet sight of a dancing police officer when Sandy Fernandez, who was on duty at the party, joined a 6-year-old girl in a wheelchair for a few spins across the floor. He later shared that she reminded him of his 9-year-old daughter and his sister, who also uses a wheelchair. "She stole my heart," he told CNN, adding that it's his job "to build a relationship with the community, and that's pretty much what I was doing."

3. Manchester

Following the tragic bombing in Manchester, England, last year, a group of dancing police officers stole the internet's hearts at Ariana Grande's One Love Manchester benefit concert. While Justin Bieber was performing, one officer danced around in a circle with a group of fans. Other officers kicked their feet to Coldplay and swayed hand-in-hand to the Black Eyed Peas' "Where Is the Love?" The heartwarming images went viral on Twitter and brought a smile to many people's faces at a difficult time.

4. Colorado

Police officers in Greeley, Colorado, did more than just dance in a Facebook video posted earlier this year — they also lip-synced. As part of a national "lip sync challenge" among law enforcement, the local police department uploaded a clip of officers mouthing along to "Moves Like Jagger" and "Shake It Off." They turned out to be the perfect song choices for the fun-loving cops, who appeared more than happy to share their moves. We're especially impressed by the officer popping and locking in the lobby.

5. Birmingham

The dancing policeman in a video from Birmingham, Alabama, has an important message behind his moves. During a senior cookout at Ramsay High School earlier this year, a student resource officer (SRO) named Alex Vildibill decided to build a rapport with the students by joining in on the "Wobble" and "Bunny Hop." As he told A Plus, "We want to be a positive influence, and we want to show these kids that we are people as well and that they can approach us if they ever needed anything."

6. NYC Pride

Following the New York City Pride March in 2015, video of a dancing police officer on YouTube went viral. In the clip, NYPD officer Michael Hance removes his cap and busts a move to Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" with Aaron Santis, who told BuzzFeed he had been trying to get officers to dance with him all day. This cop was the first to take him up on the offer, and the results are pretty amazing. Sadly, Hance passed away of cancer last year. 

7. New Zealand

You've seen cops getting down at parties and parades, but have you ever seen dancing cops in an elevator? In a 2016 video posted on the New Zealand Police Recruitment Facebook page, a group of officers in a lift make music together by banging on the walls, clapping their hands, and tugging on their zippers — with head bobs and shimmies to go with the beat. "Not your typical beat cops," the video's description reads. Get it?

8. Nigeria

If you ever travel to Maiduguri, Nigeria, you might see a dancing police officer directing traffic. Umar Abubakar is a traffic warden who enjoys listening to Michael Jackson during his shift, with the moves to match. It has earned him the nickname "MJ Traffic." His city is at the center of the fight against extremist group Boko Haram. "I carry in my heart my people and make them laugh," Abubakar told BBC.  "And make them to be happy so they are forgetting about the crisis."

9. Queens

Many of the internet's most viral videos of dancing cops feature impromptu moves. But earlier this year, NYPD officers in Queens actually planned a dance party with local kids. Break dancers were there to teach some moves, and officers even manned the DJ table. "It's actually cool because I never saw a police officer dance," one young guest told local news. As State Sen. Jose Peralta said, "It's really about making sure the NYPD and the community come together as one. The community feels comfortable enough with the NYPD, and they can break that mentality of it's us against them."


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