This Police Officer Has All The Right Moves When It Comes Interacting With His Community

"We want to show these kids that we are people as well."

Tensions between the Black community and the police seem to be at an all-time high. Incidents such as the recent police shooting in Sacramento bring to light the need for changes in policy and training in the police force across the nation. 


One way officers can also help is by establishing a rapport with the communities that they patrol. That's exactly what two student resource officers (SRO) in Birmingham, Alabama, did for high school seniors — and they did it in the most unlikely way.

Officer Alex Vildibill's first day being assigned to Birmingham's Ramsay High School happened to correspond with the school's senior cookout. The event featured food, games, and, of course, dancing. When the teenagers began dancing to rapper V.I.C.'s 2009 song "Wobble" and Da Entourage's "Bunny Hop," Vildibill told his partner, SRO Larry Heath, that he knew how to do the dances. That's all Heath needed to encourage Vildibill to join the party. 

Heath also made sure to get video footage of the officer's smooth moves and posted it on Facebook. The footage has since amassed thousands of views. But though it appeared the dancing was all fun and games, it also showed the students that the officers cared about them.

"I haven't been [an] SRO long, and [Heath] and the other SROs in the Birmingham Police Department have told me since my first day in the unit that it is important to get to know the kids at your school and interact with them," Vildibill told A Plus. "We want to be a positive influence, and we want to show these kids that we are people as well and that they can approach us if they ever needed anything."

Vildibill was also kind enough to reveal how he learned his slick dance moves. "I learned how to do The Wobble and other dances from a great group of soldiers and airmen that I served with during our downtime while I was deployed in Afghanistan," he said.

Vildibill and Heath seemed to be having a fun time dancing with the high school seniors. However, did the teens also enjoy themselves? There were definitely smiles on their faces in the video and Vildibill seemed convinced when we asked. "The kids appeared to enjoy us being out there with them," he told A Plus.



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