She Has Cancer, But There's No Way It's Stopping Her From Dancing

"The moment I walked into the dance room — it was like a safe space."

Hannah is a fighter. 

She doesn't need other people's pity. All she wants is to be accepted by her peers. And dance is her way of achieving it.

"I was terrified on the first day of school, because I was bold, because I had a PICC line and because people have heard all these rumors," Hannah confesses in the video above. "The moment I walked into the dance room — it was like a safe space."

Despite her current chemotherapy treatment, Hannah is able to get back to school and, most importantly, dance. Her resilience is inspiring not only other kids, but also her dance coach, Clark.

"I tell Hannah all the time, 'you think I'm inspiring you?' You inspire me," Clark says. "When you're ready I'd love for you to teach. You have the ability to inspire people and that's what great teachers are."


What perfect proof that if you have dreams, there's no way anyone (or anything) can stop you.

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