Watch This Guy Teach Himself To Dance In 2 Years

What a transformation.

The next time you tell someone that you "can't dance," think of this man.

Over the course of two years, YouTuber user Neiland filmed his own "evolution of dance" as he practiced and practiced, teaching himself a series of moves inspired by Michael Jackson. Neiland said he wants his video to inspire other people to pursue what they love.

"Two years ago I was just a guy who was searching for himself and who had no idea what he came here to do," Neiland says in the YouTube description. "Now I have finally found myself and I am sharing my journey with other people so they will be inspired and motivated."


That journey is quite impressive. From some simple footwork in socks on day two to the amazing Jackson-esque routine at year two, you can tell dedication and hard work pay off, even if you are self-taught like Neiland. 


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