These Dancers Tell A Story With Their Bodies

This feels like how this story was meant to be told.

Sam Smith once confessed the truth about his popular ballad "Stay With Me." It's not a love song dedicated to anyone in particular; it's a song about the loneliness he found himself feeling after a night of lust disguised as passion.

"That song is about the morning after a one night stand and how you don't want that person to leave," he said. "Even if you don't fancy them."


But Emilio Dosal has a different interpretation of the song and, through movement; he and his partner Kelsey Landers tell the story he imagines.

"This concept video is simply about love," Emilio posted under his video on YouTube. "The hardships and decisions you make when you are in love that affect your life."

Emilio and Kelsey choreographed the story about two best friends — one of whom wants their relationship to be something more.

"Throughout the piece you see the struggle they both face in what they truly want," Emilio posted. "In the end, one makes the decision that will affect their friendship and their lives."

Be sure to watch this story's alternate ending at


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