What This Dance Company Did For National Bullying Prevention Month Will Move You

October is National Bullying Prevention Month.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and according to Stop Bullying, a bullying education site, 16% of high schoolers are cyberbullied. But a California dance comany created a chilling PSA to try to change that. 

The video begins in a classroom setting, with the LA-based Muse Company dancers performing a routine as poet Azure Antoinette does a reading about bullying, specifically cyberbullying: 

"Somewhere along the way, Myspace and Facebook changed the way we that all define the word friend...Double taps have taken on the role of a real compliment, and shares have become approval and unfriending and blocking is now the way that we express conflict."

Choreographed by Jessica Starr, the performance makes the point clear: Hiding behind a screen doens't make bulliyng right, and it's time that the rude comments, put-downs and threats end.

(H/T: Dance-Teacher.com)

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