This Talent Show Dance Battle Between A Teacher And Student Is One For The Ages

Everyone's a winner.

When it comes to a good dance battle, there are no winners and losers in our book. Such is the case with a recent dance-off between a teacher and a student from the Bronx, N.Y., when a talent show went from just good to extra great thanks to some epic moves.


"Battled my dance teacher at my school talent show. He killed it. It was lit," 13-year-old Amir Wilson said in the caption accompanying the clip of the Hyde Leadership Charter School teacher, whose name is Mr. Cohen, grooving away and blowing everyone in the audience away.

In the end, Wilson gave props to Mr. Cohen and said he won the face-off. We have to give Mr. Cohen props for showing off some excellent hip-hop dance moves — everything from the Harlem Shake, jerking, as well as popping and locking. Seriously, they know how to rock it out.

The two talented guys were busting a move to "Love Come Down" by Kid the Wiz — a former America's Got Talent finalist in 2013. This tune inspired a popular viral dance craze earlier this year and is a take on Evelyn "Champagne" King's song of the same name from 1982.

Wilson may have given the win to Mr. Cohen, but we think both these guys are winners.

Watch the epic teacher versus student dance battle here:


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