This Guy's Pixar Pancakes Are Too Awesome To Eat

Breakfast is served.

Who doesn't love a good pancake? Moreover, who wouldn't love a Disney-Pixar-themed pancake, complete with bright colors and insanely cool artistic details?


That's right.

YouTuber Dancakes, or Daniel Drake, makes super cool pancakes, drawing characters from stories he personally enjoys. In his latest video, Drake creates works from some of our favorite Pixar movies, including Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Up, and totals to over 75 pancakes.

Drake tells A Plus in an email that he stumbled into the pancake profession because other people were fascinated by his work.

"And when you've got legions of friends and followers egging you on, there's a positive social pressure you feel that makes it hard not to pursue something. At the end of the day, I'm seeing success because I decided if I was going to do 'pancake art' I was going to take the 'art' portion seriously," he says.

"Plus, with pancakes in particular, everyone in the world knows about them and most people enjoy them. They're a very simple language that transcends cultures."

After finding pancake fame via appearances on The Today Show and through social media, Drake has landed features on Fox News, The Steve Harvey Show, and more.

Drake says that the most rewarding part of his job is getting to do what he loves and making other people happy while he does it:

"There's something sublimely universal about this weirdo medium I use; sure kids love it, and parents, but it's so past that," he adds. "I've done gigs in the shady corners of dive bars, I've toured the United States, I've cooked for Brazilian celebrities on international television, and it doesn't matter who they are or where they came from: everybody loves it."

And with his slogan "All challenges accepted; No promises made," Drake is challenged to create various works by those who take notice of his art. He says that he's received some pretty crazy requests, some of which are particularly challenging, like fine art adaptations.

"Attempting to 'cover' what people consider to be 'real art' makes my brain fire on all cylinders. Also, those pancakes are usually massive, and flipping them over can be particularly climactic," he says.

All the while, "I've learned by now not to worry about what other people want to see," Drake tells A Plus. "If I make the things I love, and I do them to the best of my ability, I get better at my craft and the world genuinely seems to appreciate it more. Food for thought. "

Continue to see our favorite pancakes from the video...

Gotta love a Rex pancake.


Ratatouille vs. the pancake:

Well that's just... incredible.

Watch the full video below:

Drake explains all of the music featured in the Dancakes videos is "original, composed and recorded [from an] apartment about three feet from my griddle."

Prior to making pancakes, Drake was a the lead singer and composer of a band, and though they have since broken up, they get to make music together for the pancake videos. You can check out Psych Squared's first album here


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