This Love Story Has A Dark, But Very Realistic Twist At The End

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According to Ancient Greeks, there are seven types of love.

Among them there's the unconditional, God-like love known as agape. There's philia, the friendship kind of love, very similar to the bond developed by siblings. There's eros — passionate, sensual kind, and there's ludus, flirtatious and playful teenage love.

So much to choose from! But have you ever wondered what happens when these loves clash? When you outgrow one and start yearning for another? When memories of past love haunt you in your future relationships?

A short film by Michigan-based filmmaker Dan Woodliff tells a story of one such relationships. Titled "Still," Woodliff's video features a couple reminiscing about the love they had, lost, but still cannot escape.


The video starts by a young woman named Anne giving a late-night call to her friend Stephen...

At first she feels embarrassed for calling. But soon they begin reminiscing of a camping trip they once had and how Stephen got a 'sunburn from hell.'

However, their conversation has to end. For two very solid reasons.

Watch the full video below to find out the truth behind Anne's and Stephen's relationship.


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