Body Cam Footage Shows Heroic Officer Rescue Man From A Burning Car

Officer Dan Whitney saved a man's life in the nick of time.

When police officer Dan Whitney rescued a man from a burning car, he probably didn't expect hundreds of thousands of witnesses. But after footage of his heroic act went viral, that's exactly what happened. The senior officer from Athens, Georgia received a 911 call at 3 a.m. reporting that a car accident had resulted in the vehicle being engulfed in flames.

"We got a bad wreck out here in front of my house... This car gonna blow up, I believe," the caller says in the YouTube video. "Hurry, man, or this car gonna blow up!"

As Whitney rushed to the rescue, the 911 caller said there was somebody in the car who needed to be rescued.

"I ain't going to it," the caller says. "It's going to blow up. God! Somebody's in it... Come on!"

When Officer Whitney arrived, the passenger was trying to climb through a broken window to escape. The doors were jammed shut, the vehicle's frame was bent, and the officer was eventually blown off his feet by a blast that came from under the hood. Unfortunately, while the passenger was saved, the driver of the car had died in the accident. 


The video is a reminder that police officers like Whitney risk their lives every day while serving and protecting others. On just a moment's notice, Whitney was called to a terrifying scene where he put his own life on the line to save another person.

And miraculously, he did.

You can watch the full rescue here:

(H/T: ABC News)


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