How This ‘Rick & Morty’ Creator Sparked A Meaningful Discussion About Mental Health

"Feelings are real but they aren’t reality."

When Chelsea Sargent wrote a post directed to writer Dan Harmon, it's safe to assume she didn't expect an answer from the Rick and Morty co-creator, let alone a response that resulted in a cathartic moment for the internet. On Tuesday, Sargent tweeted at Harmon from her account @chojuroh asking for advice on how to deal with depression. Harmon's empathetic and thought-out response has since gone viral, with many thanking the writer for opening a meaningful conversation about mental illness.


"We put ourselves under so much pressure to feel good," Harmon wrote. "It's okay to feel bad. It might be something you're good at! "

In the four-tweet thread, Harmon goes on to offer his thoughts on working through mental illness, including the need to admit and accept your feelings but also realize those feelings aren't always true. 

"Try to remind yourself, over and over, that feelings are real but they aren't reality," Harmon wrote. "Example: you can feel like life means nothing. True feeling. Important feeling. TRUE that you feel it, BUT...whether life has meaning? Not up to us. Facts and feelings: equal but different."

Harmon's thread resonated with several others, including Sargent, who said she was "kinda star struck" that he took the time to craft such a meaningful response. 

Despite its prevalence, only about 50 percent of individuals who are affected by depression seek treatment. While the misconceptions about mental health issues continue, conversations such as this help to continue to eliminate the stigma that sometimes prevents individuals from seeking treatment.

Harmon ended his response by emphasizing the importance of not trying to deal with depression by yourself. 

"When you open your mouth (or an anonymous journal or blog or sketchpad), these thoughts go out," he said. "They'll be back but you gotta get em OUT."

Cover image via Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock


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