Dan Aykroyd Has Seen The New 'Ghostbusters' And He Loves It

"More laughs and more scares."

Ever since it was announced early last year that a Ghostbusters reboot was in the works, there's been an aggressive backlash to the film primarily because it features four female leads. Director Paul Feig calmly handled the openly sexist vitriol for many months, even advocating for a gender equality clause for film contracts on the side, but it all boiled over a few weeks ago when he finally put online geek-bullies on blast.

Now, in a move that should further quiet the haters, a prominent member of the original Ghostbusters team has come forward to give the upcoming film a rousing endorsement: Dan Aykroyd. A writer of and actor in both original '80s films, the comedy legend took to Facebook to share his thoughts on the reboot after seeing a test screening.

"Apart from brilliant, genuine performances from the cast both female and male, it has more laughs and more scares than the first 2 films plus Bill Murray is in it!" he wrote.

Aykroyd is an executive producer on the new film, so of course he has a vested interest in how well it does, but given how close the originals are to his heart, it's unlikely anyone has higher expectations of the reboot than he does. That's all to say: if Aykroyd likes it, chances are the rest of us will too.


Here's his full Facebook post on the test screening:


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