Touching Photo Shows Police Officer Comforting 3-Month-Old After Car Crash

"I'd want someone treating my child the same way."

When Dallas police officers and photojournalist Sam Hernandez were called to a major crash with two adults and three young children, there was one moment in particular that caught everyone's attention: Officer Donald Boice comforting 3-month-old baby Jackson after the crash.

The moment was caught on camera by Hernandez who then posted the photo to Twitter. 


The heartwarming image shows Boice, who is a father-of-three himself, with the infant cradled in his arms, looking down at the baby with compassion and love. The officer also sang and bounced the baby.

In an interview with Fox 4 News, Officer Boice revealed that he was on the scene at a fatal crash early on a Sunday morning when he heard about the crash involving Jackson's family, which the sheriff's office was working on close by. As he isn't with the sheriff's office, he didn't have to technically respond to the wreck, but did. 

He explained, "At that point, you kind of go from cop to parent real quick [sic]."

Officer Boice got to the other location after the 3-month old, and his two siblings, aged 2 and 5, had already been removed from the vehicle.

The parents were shaken and screaming "Please don't let my baby die" so the officer made sure all the children were OK before he picked up Jackson. 

Many have been touched by the police officer's act of compassion, especially as it's a side of an officer people don't often get to see. Boice explained, "That could be my child, too, and I'd want someone treating my child the same way."

The reports show that all the children were unharmed, the mother's injuries weren't reported, and the father hurt his head and fractured his arm. Boice credits the carseats for keeping the children safe.

(H/T: Popsugar)

Cover image via  ArtOlympic I Shutterstock 


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