Little Boy Teaches His Dad An Important Lesson On 'Being A Man'

"A guy who hits a woman can be called lots of things. "Man" is not one of them."

"Be a man." "Boys don't cry." "Don't be a sissy."

These lines lead most boys through life. But what price are we actually paying in order to make our boys braver, stronger, tougher? What is this "ideal man" we want them all to be? 

The powerful PSA by Dallas Men Against Abuse answers all of those questions with one beautiful line and one eye-opening video:

"A guy who hits a woman can be called lots of things. "Man" is not one of them." 


The ad was created by advertising agency Moroch and is part of the campaign against domestic violence in Dallas. It was initiated by Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings back in 2013 and has made a major, positive change in the community.

"Thanks to the campaign, Dallas Police saw a 119 percent increase in the amount of calls received from women and families seeking help and a 26 percent decrease in domestic crime," Moroch reports.

Watch another powerful PSA produced for #VogueEmpower: Heartbreaking Video Shows What Happens When Boys Are Told They Can't Cry.

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