This Waiter's Gesture Might Have Gone Unrecognized If Not For This Mom's Viral Facebook Post

The best customer service.

A waiter at a Little Rock Olive Garden is proving that the kindness of strangers should not be overlooked.

On Thursday, Dallas French took her 4-month-old daughter Ellee to Arkansas Children's Hospital so that doctors could run additional tests following her recent E. coli diagnosis. Ellee also has stage 1 hydronephrosis, a condition where the kidneys dilate due to urine overfilling.

After the hospital visit, they went to eat at the nearby Olive Garden. French attempted to make a bottle for her baby at the restaurant but accidentally spilled it over her and the floor.

By the time she made a second bottle, the waiter brought over their salad and breadsticks — meaning she had to choose between feeding herself or feeding her infant. That's when the waiter, Robert Davis, did the kindest thing.

"Here, let me feed her," Davis said to French.

"He just stepped in and took care of us," French told Arkansas Online. "It was just amazing for a stressed-out mom."

French wanted to make sure that Davis could receive recognition for his kind gesture, but she forgot his name. So she shared a photo of the incident to Olive Garden's Facebook page.

"This melted all of us and this is what we need more of," she wrote on Facebook. "He fed her, I ate my salad and bread sticks and that milk on the floor got cleaned up after we left because he just understood! He didn't even know what we had went through that day and showed us love and understanding."

As of Tuesday, the Facebook post received over 156,000 likes.


"I've got three kids, I know what that moment is like," Davis said, according to Connecticut television station WTIC-TV. "If someone came up to feed my kids I would love it."

Davis added that he only did it because the baby was cute and he wanted to look at her longer.

As for French, she couldn't believe that her message went viral.

"I am just so happy to put out something so loving and uplifting during a time that a lot of hate is going on in the world," French wrote to A Plus. "I am so happy that this is as big as it is to hopefully renew faith in humanity and love and compassion can be shown to one another. Maybe it will make others want to do more acts of kindness."

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