Dakota Johnson And Jimmy Fallon Get The Giggles Playing A Game Of Think Fast!

"Who do I look like?" "My mom."

Dakota Johnson is used to thinking on her feet when she visits The Tonight Show — just last year she helped host Jimmy Fallon fill in the blanks for Mad Lib Theater. On Monday, she appeared on the show to promote Fifty Shades Freed and played another quick-thinking game, called Think Fast!

Fallon has previously played this with his guests Will Ferrell and Aubrey Plaza, to hilarious results. The premise of the game is that Fallon and his guests go back and forth asking each other questions, and they have to answer with the first thing that pops into their head, no matter how ridiculous. The beauty of it is that there are no winners — unless you count those of us watching at home.


From the very start of the game, Johnson and Fallon could barely keep it together. Johnson giggled as she answered the question "What's the worst thing you can put in coffee?" with "Poo." 

However, there was one exchange in particular that really cracked them up. "Who do I look like?" Fallon asked, to which Johnson responded awkwardly, "My mom." The host laughed so hard, he had to stand up and walk away from his desk. We can't say we see the resemblance between him and Melanie Griffith, but we love this answer. Interestingly, Aubrey Plaza gave the same response in her own game with Fallon, to the question, "Who stole my bike helmet?"

Check out the whole ridiculous game below:


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