Dads Play Barbies With Their Daughters To Remind Them To Be All They Can Be

"I think she could be anything she wants to be or all of them."

In 2015, an ad campaign for Barbie asked viewers, "What happens when girls are free to imagine they can be anything?"

Now, in a continued effort to prove that young girls can do anything they put their minds to, Mattel's new campaign features dads and their daughters playing with Barbies, demonstrating scenes in which the dolls are astronauts, doctors, and beyond. 

"I think she could be anything she wants to be or all of them," one dad says with his daughter on camera. 

Matt Miller, executive creative director at BBDO San Francisco, tells AdWeek that as a father, he often finds himself playing Barbies with his own daughter. 

"Those are truly amazing moments where I get see her imagination in action. One day we're doctors, the next we're sisters, the next we're fighting off ninjas," he says. "This body of work celebrates the incredible moments that every dad can have with his daughter if he's just willing to pick up a Barbie."

Kristina Duncan, vice president of global marketing communications at Barbie, adds that the ad features real dads and their daughters in order to capture unscripted, genuine moments between the pairs. 


We love that the ad reiterates the importance of spending quality time with your loved ones, as well as encouraging each other to be all that you can be.


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