Dads Tried On Skinny Jeans For The Very First Time — And Their Reactions Are Not What You'd Expect

"I feel kind of alive in these!"

Dad jeans are significantly less cool than mom jeans, but fathers everywhere refuse to give them up. In a video for Cosmopolitan, a few brave dads decided to dress up in something a little different. 

First, they're interviewed about their style of jeans.  

"I just wear the most boring jeans that I can find," one dad says. 

"I want to be comfortable," another says. 


Then, they're asked to put on a pair of skinny jeans. Most of us would expect they'd find them uncomfortable, but quite the opposite seemed to be true. They danced around in their new denim. 

"I feel like a combination of sexy and superhero," one dad remarked. 

"Daddy's got it going on a little bit with these jeans on," another dad said. 

They may not retire their dad jeans for good, but we have a feeling they'll be reaching for skinnies every now and then. 

Check out more reactions in the video below:


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