6 People Who Show That Dads Can Be A Part Of The Breastfeeding Process, Too

Their support means so much.

During the month of August, we are celebrating Breastfeeding Awareness Month by highlighting the amazing benefits of breast milk, those mothers who choose to breastfeed at home or in public, and those who donate their breast milk to mothers who wish to breastfeed but cannot. We are sharing the stories of mothers who find beauty in their breastfeeding process, and those who speak out about the pain.  

Because there are so many facets to breastfeeding — it can be time-consuming, and emotionally and physically draining — it can make a huge difference when a woman has a supportive partner with her throughout the process. Fathers everywhere are taking part simply by being there for their partners, making important statements in defense of breastfeeding in public, and/or speaking out against those who shame women for simply feeding their child. 

Though these fathers are simply fulfilling their everyday parenting duties, and by no means deserve a medal for their efforts, they are worth spotlighting as men are so often overlooked when it comes to the breastfeeding process in particular. 

Scroll down to see some of the people who prove that dads can be a part of the breastfeeding process, too.


1. This dad who blow dried his wife's hair as she breastfed the baby.

Moms and dads don't have a lot of time. When this mom needed to breastfeed the baby, her partner picked up the hairbrush and blow dryer and finished styling her hair for her. Parenting is all about multitasking after all. 

2. This dad who pushed his wife and child around Target while mom breastfed the baby.

When Danielle Solito needed to breastfeed in Target, her husband, Jason, had his wife sit down in the cart and he pushed the two around the store as they breastfed.

3. Dad Hector Cruz who launched "Project Breastfeeding" to do away with public breastfeeding taboos.

Dad and photographer Hector Cruz launched Project Breastfeeding in 2014. The photo series featured women nursing and men simulating the act to demonstrate what a normal thing breastfeeding is.

4. This new dad who helped his wife establish a breastfeeding routine.

A new mom shared a post on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk  Facebook page about how she initially found breastfeeding difficult and painful. However, she stuck with it and with the help of her husband and some patience, was able to establish a breastfeeding routine.

5. Rapper George Moss who shared a photo of himself cleaning breast pumps.

To highlight another side of breastfeeding, rapper George Moss shared a Facebook post of himself cleaning breast pumps. He captioned the post, "If you ever wonder what #rappers do when they get off stage, they clean breast pumps for their wives so their baby can eat. #thuglife."

6. This dad who "breastfeeds" the baby after mom goes back to work.

Mom Jennifer breastfed her baby girl until she had to go to work. So when it came time for her fiancé Chris Allen to feed the baby, he came up with a clever hack so the child would feel comfortable. He cut a hole in a tank top and placed the bottle through it to mimic breastfeeding.

UPDATE: This article originally included a video of father Brock Smith. His original video has since been deleted from Facebook, and taken out of this article.  


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