These Dads Read Their Daughters' Texts To Their Boyfriends, And Things Got Weird

This is SO cringeworthy.

Think for a second about the personal messages, memes, and photos you've sent your friends and significant others. Now, imagine your parents seeing every single one. 

You'd probably rather throw your phone out than let that happen. The good news is you'll probably never have to experience that embarrassment. 

These five father-daughter duos aren't so lucky. 

In a video from Elite Daily, daughters hand over their phones to their fathers and allow them to go through their messages to read them aloud for the camera. 

As you can imagine, things got awkward real quick. 


“Anyway, did you ever take that pregnancy test?” one father reads.

“It was weird. We kind of cuddled a bunch and now we haven’t really talked,” another dad reads.

One father even learns what an eggplant emoji means.

“Let’s have a chat right after this. A real chat.”

Uh oh. 

Then, the tables are turned and one daughter reads her father's texts ...

“I can’t wait for you to be here with me while you are squeezing… " she stops. "I’m really not comfortable doing this."

You can watch the whole cringe-worthy video below:


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