19 Things Fathers Do To Show Us They're Our Everyday Superheroes

Just dad things.

Kids are enamored with superheroes, but they may not always realize they have one in their very own at home. He's the guy picking them up from school, or making their lunches, or just the person who's around to hear what happened that day. He's their dad. 

Dads give us the life lessons we need to succeed in the world, make us laugh when all we want to do is cry, and try their hardest to provide us with the best they can. 

Sometimes they do this by working harder and longer than anyone else we know. Other times, they're stay-at-home dads who dedicated their days to raising us. The paternal figure in your life may look different than someone else's, but there's no question he'll always have a special place in your heart. 

Dads are pretty amazing and they deserve to be called out for all the ways they show it. We scoured Imgur for some images that show how fathers can be the best. You can check them out below: 


1. They sacrifice their comfort for ours.

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2. They help us do the things we can't do ourselves.

Dads are the best.

3. They don't care when we spit up on them ...

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4. ... or worse.

Fatherhood, where you get shit on.

5. They're never embarrassed by us.

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6. They find creative ways to make us laugh.

The joys of fatherhood

7. They take care of us, even when we don't realize it at first.

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8. They do things they may not want to do, just to make us happy.

The things we do for our kids

9. And, sometimes, they even do it with a smile.


10. They save us from making mistakes.

dads are everyday heroes

11. They keep us from falling.

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12. They help us develop healthy habits at a young age.

Lunch Time With Daddy was presented to you by KitKat.

13. They introduce us to fun, new activities ...

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14. ... and let us introduce them to some of our own.

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15. They give us an outlet for our creativity.

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16. They're always learning new things for us.

Dads ...finding the easy way since the beginning of time

17. They're the best dance partners around.

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18. They give us space to be ourselves.

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19. But, most importantly, they never stop showing us they care.

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This story is inspired by Chicken Soup for the Soul's Project Dad, a television series about the joy of fatherhood and family.


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