Daughters Talk About All The Things They Wish They Could Do With Their Dads — And It's Beautiful

Cue the tears.

Is there something you wish you could say to your dad? What's stopping you?

In a beautifully emotional video, part of an upcoming film entitled "Project Papa," dads and their daughters share their special memories together, talk about their current relationships, and express some much-needed love. 

"I'm beginning to realize how old he's growing and how fast that's happening and that's scaring me a little bit," one woman says at the start of the video.

Then, the daughters recall moments they shared with their fathers — from birthday parties to unique childhood antics, each memory puts a smile on their faces.

Moreover, both the dads and the daughters delve into a discussion about time and how precious it is.


"Pretty much anything else in life you can do over again — whether it's a career, whether it's a job, an experience, travel, whatever — your kids, you only get one shot. So you can't really afford to mess that up," one father says. "It's the little things, really."

In order to make the most of their remaining time together, the women talk about the plans they want to make with their dads.

"I want to take him to the mountains to me, where I live, and probably make him sing songs... and probably do a dance," one woman says.

Other plans include watching a movie, sharing a smoke or a drink, backpacking and traveling, or just having a chat.

As the video concludes, the women (those fortunate enough to have their fathers still around) realize there's nothing getting in the way of their plans.

So we'll ask again: Is there something you wish to say to your dad? What's stopping you?

Be sure to watch the full video below and #TellHimNow.


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